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A core element of Tomorrow:125 is to start a conversation about a helpful future, testing solutions with communities and distilling that conversation into practical actions for communities. In this space you can watch and listen to the conversations that we have been having with all those that want to be involved in the project and you can find our upcoming activities and events.

Two Tea Bags to Utopia

On the 29th January 2021, the 171st anniversary of the birth of our founder Ebenezer Howard, the TCPA published ‘Two Tea Bags to Utopia: A train journey from hope to despair, and back again.’ Read the full provocation here.

The podcast, by our Director of Policy Dr Hugh Ellis, can only be described as 'very personal' (which, its author suggests, is also potentially career-ending!). The podcast is slightly hard to summarise although one early reviewer has described it as like ‘Alan Bennett reading the shipping forecast and best listened to while cleaning the toilet’. The content is a personal reflection on our current challenges and what we might do to make change happen. It’s very definitely not TCPA policy but we hope it is a useful contribution to the diverse debate we need about our future.

So put the kettle on and tuck in.

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