About Tomorrow 125

Welcome to Tomorrow 125, a project designed to help us address that perpetual but urgent question at a time of global crises - ‘How are we going to live?’  At a time when the climate crisis is impossible to ignore, and we cautiously feel our way into the new post-pandemic ‘normal’, does the Garden City idea offer insights into a new way to live in the 21st Century?  

2023 marks the 125th anniversary of the publication of Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform, a book which is much misunderstood but is also one of the world's most radical, practical and powerful attempts to understand how we can live in a fairer, healthier and more sustainable way. The Tomorrow 125 project is exploring how the Garden City approach can help us construct a pathway to a hopeful future based on a fairer society. Over the next three years we will use a variety of projects, events and interventions to engage with people about the Garden City idea and what it means today.

Ebenezer Howard's Garden City idea was a practical way of securing ‘the good life’ by creating living conditions in which everyone can thrive. It was a uniquely practical vision based on sharing the values created from developing places. It proved to be the most influential and enduring example of an alternative and sustainable way of living that the UK has ever produced. But the term ‘Garden City’ has been much abused and devalued in recent years. Howard’s hopeful ideas are rarely holistically applied and are often invisible to the communities who need change the most.  

By addressing the myths and returning to the radical roots of the Garden City idea, can we learn how to construct a fairer, healthier and more sustainable future? The Tomorrow 125 project seeks to explore just this, we hope you’ll join us on the journey.  

Strap on your sandals and explore the zones in our virtual ‘Garden City’ square to find out more.