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Welcome to the Garden City School, the University of Utopia, a place we can share ideas and learn from each other. 

We are interested in your views of the Garden City idea and we hope you will be a part of our conversation. We are really keen to hear about practical solutions that help us now in the urgent task of making changes to how we live. We hope the questions in our survey are a useful starting point.

Learning about 'The Challenges'

The TCPA and countless other organisations and individuals have produced evidence about the challenges we face and why they are happening. From the climate emergency, the housing crisis, the biodversity and health crises, we have know for some time what the problems are. In many cases, we have also known what the solutions are. However, as set out in ‘Two Teabags to Utopia’ we have failed to make the changes we need, a reality. 

For that reason, Tomorrow 125 will focus on solutions rather than reiterating the challenges. To provide context, you can read about the climate, health, housing, equality and biodiversity challenges on the TCPA's website

As with all parts of this website, content will evolve over the course of the project. 

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